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Love V Act

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“Love V Act” (LVA) is a parent mutual support group, under the TALK Foundation. It was founded in Ma On Shan in 2012 and gradually extended to other communities of New Territories East. LVA has been funded by various funding to promote “SEN Parent Support Network”.

Our children have different types and levels of Special Education Needs (SEN).  Among them, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (AD / HD), and Special Learning Disabilities (SpLD) are the majority and most of them are enrolled in mainstream schools.

Through the “mutual support – professional support -community network” model, we expect to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Caring for the physical, mental and spiritual health of parents
  2. Advocate harmonious family relationship
  3. Advocate the spirit of “Self-help, mutual support and helping the needed ones”
  4. Each child is unique, encourage the children to develop their individual talents and strengths
  5. Unite SEN families and social support groups to build up a caring and loving social environment.

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