Thinking, Art, Languages for Kids 給孩子說故事 跟孩子玩藝術

Our Mission

Clip_2The mission of TALK is to inspire and nourish a love of stories and art among children from lower income families.  Disadvantaged children could be able to acquire the necessary language and thinking skills as well as world knowledge for a better future.

Our Primary Goals are to:

  1. promote parent-child relationships by encouraging story sharing at an age as early as possible;
  2. empower parents as facilitators in children’s early language acquisition by equipping parents with the skills and confidence to read aloud;
  3. foster children’s creativity and imagination by promoting various reading and art activities at home, at school, and in the community
  4. provide parents and children with resources, most importantly Chinese and English picture books with audio CDs, by setting up Talking Book Corners in kindergartens, primary schools, and the community.

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